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I love what I do! One day, while delivering a talk on TMJ, I mentioned that I work on the mechanics of the jaw. One of the attendees shouted out “you’re a jaw mechanic” The term instantly stuck! I’ve been referred to as the Jaw Mechanic ever since and I love it. It so accurately captures what I am able to do for my clients. TMJ is painful and frustrating. Let the Jaw Mechanic help!

My Treatments

Back Massage

TMJ Pain & Dysfunction

TMJ treatments consist of both intraoral and extraoral massage to treat the compressive forces on the joints and also relieving tension through the neck and shoulders. Treatments target the root cause and also the symptoms which come with it. The goal is to repattern the muscles and joint to function in a more healthy manner.

Massage Therapy

Treats muscle and tendon injuries, such as chronic pain, strains and sports injuries. Massage Therapy targets muscles and connective tissues which helps in breaking up scar tissue and reducing muscle tension. It can also promote faster healing by increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation.


Melissa is attentive and thorough and took the time to make sure she understood my symptoms and explain the treatment she would give. My four appointments greatly improved my jaw pain. I will definitely return for more treatment.

Lisa Burns

Feb 5-9th...last migraine headache I have had so far and hopefully the last. Why? Well I saw a car in Glasgow Square on Feb 8th with the decal www.thejawmechanic.ca and I thought to myself hmm I wonder if this is for TMJ (as this is the cause of my migraines)? IT WAS!! I have been seeing Melissa Macintosh since that week and I have not had a headache since, no need for even a muscle relaxer. This after being told I would need braces again and jaw surgery. Wow I am so glad I didn't go that route, I have even noticed a change in my bite, believe it or not. For anyone having issues with your jaw...get yourself over to Reset Health and Wellness and see Melissa!

Dale Hayward Vaincourt

Feeling awesome after my first neck/jaw massage with Melissa MacIntosh RMT - aka, The Jaw Mechanic! Sinus and ears still feeling clearer. Yes, that's right - sinus and ear congestion relief! Truly Amazing! Already looking forward to my next session

Melanie Little


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