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Welcome to River of Health Theraputics

Melissa MacIntosh
Registered Massage Therapist

At River of health therapeutics, we strive to provide client focused care and massage therapy treatments while specializing in the treatment of TMJ dysfunction and manual lymphatic drainage.





I’ve been going to Melissa for the past few months and she is absolutely amazing! If you want a person who listens to what’s going on with your body and strives to help make you feel better, I 100% recommended Melissa Macintosh! By far the best massage therapist!!

- Kaleigh Foley


Melissa is an absolute miracle worker! I had TMJ issues bad enough I couldn’t even put my teeth together it hurt so bad. After just one session I started to get relief! I have been going ever since and can honestly say I have no more pain! She’s friendly and inviting I would recommend anyone having issues with TMJ to go see her! She is your girl! I have also had manual lymphatic drainage and massage from her and would absolutely recommend those treatments as well! Don’t wait like I did for relief of TMJ go see her asap

- Christa Crosby

I've been receiving treatment from Melissa since September and the results have been amazing. I had no previous history of jaw problems but during a dental visit this summer I had one filling done on a lower tooth. I thought the procedure went well but after a week my jaw felt very sore, and I could barely open my mouth. I was starting to get worried after not getting much advice from any doctors. They only prescribed me med's that was it. I found Melissa online and booked my first appointment. Right away I could tell she was very knowledgeable about the jaw, and she gave me great advice while doing the treatment sessions. I highly recommend her skills to anyone that has jaw issues because she is THE MECHANIC!!

- Mike Mattie


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2561 Westville Road, Suite 5, Westville, NS, Canada

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