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Take your Skin Care to the Next Level

I'm Melissa MacIntosh (RMT), and I am the owner and operator of River of Health Therapeutics.

I am happy to annouce our new product line - Next Level Skin Care.

Our product is Canadian made (Even Nova Scotia Made!), using natural organic ingredients to help provide great results.


Next Level Skin Care

River of Health Therapeutics is happy to announce their new product line with Next Level Skin Care.

Locally made in Nova Scotia, this organic Canadian made cream is a specialty to help with many ailments.

$55 taxes included

Want to order? Simply fill out the form, and will contact you to fill the order.

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Get your skin cream today!

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Stacey M.

We used your cream on my nephews face. He is a picker. After only two uses it healed dry skin and helped clear up acne. 
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Noah D.

We put on a layer of your cream at night, and once in the morning before school. Dry cracked skin was 90% healed. In less than 24 hours of usage and 3 applications, hands were healed.
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Natural and organic ingredients help you have peace of mind knowing you have a quality product for your skin.

moisturizes skin

Help lock in the moisture of your skin. This helps your skin feel soft, youthful and healthy.


Whether you're looking to repair skin cracks, acne and skin redness. This will help against multiple ailments.


For all skin types, face and body cream.


While your skin ages, dries out and becomes rashed or raw with the weather, this will help strenghten your skins barrier against the elemements.

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Pre Order Today

Next Level Skin Care Cream

Our product is available for pre-order for $35 taxes included.

Place your order today!

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